Monday NIght Activities Utah

Monday Night Activities

Have you experienced a Thanksgiving Point Monday Night? Even if you think you have, you haven't because this year, it's all new!

We have new times, new activities, and new venues for your family enjoyment. Of course, we'll save some of your favorites like the water fight in Thanksgiving Point Gardens, but overall, the evenings will focus on a single theme with various activities designed to entertain and educate the whole family. Every Monday night, 5 – 8 pm. Included with admission and free for Thanksgiving Point Members.


Monday evenings from 5-8 pm



Museum of Ancient Life (January, February, March)
Farm Country (April, May, September, October)
Thanksgiving Point Gardens (June, July, August)
Museum of Natural Curiosity (November, December)​.


Included with regular venue admission.


Upcoming Schedule:



Farm Country

September 7 | Life in the Deep Blue Sea

There are some incredible creatures that live in the ocean, such as the blue whale, the largest animal on Earth. Learn all about the depths of the ocean and how animals can live in the deep blue sea.

September 14 | Life in a Woodland Pond

Ponds and wetlands make great habitats for all kinds of creatures, from little tadpoles to beavers and raccoons. Learn all about these animals and why ponds are so good for them. Plus, ever wondered why and how beavers make dams? Find out and make your own beaver dam!​

September 21| Life in a Tropical Rainforest

Some of the strangest and most colorful animals live in the rainforest. Come learn all about the rainforest and the variety of animals that call it home, from the jaguar on the rainforest floor to the hornbills and toucans at the top of the canopy​.

September 28 | Biofuel Bonanza

Biofuels are made from plants and they make things go! Learn all about how plants can produce the energy needed to run your car, turn on your lights, and much more!





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