Monday NIght Activities Utah

Monday Night Activities

Have you experienced a Thanksgiving Point Monday Night? Even if you think you have, you haven't because this year, it's all new!

We have new times, new activities, and new venues for your family enjoyment. Of course, we'll save some of your favorites like the water fight in Thanksgiving Point Gardens, but overall, the evenings will focus on a single theme with various activities designed to entertain and educate the whole family. Every Monday night, 5 – 8 pm. Included with admission and free for Thanksgiving Point Members.


Monday evenings from 5-8 pm



Museum of Ancient Life (returning Fall, 2015)
Farm Country
Thanksgiving Point Gardens (beginning in June, 2015)


Venues change seasonally. Included with regular venue admission


Upcoming Schedule:



Farm Country

April 27 | From Market to Table

How does food get to your table? Learn about the innovations that help protect and transport your food. But food isn’t the only thing that comes from a farm. Come discover the different edible and non-edible uses for ordinary food, including how you can make stamps from fresh fruits and vegetables.

May 11 | Can You Hear Me Now? All About Hearing

How do we hear? How are animals’ ears different from our own? What sounds do animals make and what do they mean? Learn all about hearing and sound with fun activities at the farm.

May 18 | Yummy or Gross? Stinky or Sweet? All About Smell and Taste

The farm can get smelly, can’t it? But yummy things, such as honey, can also come from the farm. Come visit Farm Country tonight and learn all about the senses of smell and taste. Learn all about animal noses and see whether your nose is up to the test of identifying smells correctly. Plus, find out why a skunk stinks but baby kittens smell so good.

May 25 | Furry, Feathery, Scaly, Slimy: All About Touch

Animals’ skin can be covered in all kinds of things: fur, hair, feathers, scales, or even slime! Use your sense of touch to explore the animals at the farm and why they have the skin and fur they do. Additionally, explore textures that are fun to touch and make a texture collage.‚Äč




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