Monday NIght Activities Utah

Monday Night Activities

Have you experienced a Thanksgiving Point Monday Night? Even if you think you have, you haven't because this year, it's all new!

We have new times, new activities, and new venues for your family enjoyment. Of course, we'll save some of your favorites like the water fight in Thanksgiving Point Gardens, but overall, the evenings will focus on a single theme with various activities designed to entertain and educate the whole family. Every Monday night, 5 – 8 pm. Included with admission and free for Thanksgiving Point Members.


Monday evenings from 5-8 pm



Museum of Ancient Life (January, February, March)
Farm Country (April, May, September, October)
Thanksgiving Point Gardens (June, July, August)
Museum of Natural Curiosity (November, December)‚Äč.


Included with regular venue admission.


Upcoming Schedule:



Thanksgiving Point Gardens

June 1 | The Rainbow Unlocked: Painting and Color

How do you see color? Experience the dynamics of how we see light and color by experimenting with prisms, color mixing, and paint. Take time to explore the colors of the rainbow in these great art activities tonight.

June 8 | 3D Art: Sculpture and Design

Test your knowledge of design by exploring the world of sculptures and architecture.  Check out the amazing designs of artists and architects such as Frank Gehry, make your own 3D art, and try your hand at sculpting clay.

June 15 | The Art of Nature: Nature Crafting

Experience the art of nature! Try your hand at making nature journal, a fairy house, and a nature collage. Plus, enjoy nature at its finest and go on a nature hike and scavenger hunt through the Gardens to find some very special places.

June 22 | To Be or Not to Be: Theater Arts

Theater is an art experience in and of itself! Explore the world of theater arts as we put on mini-plays, write like Shakespeare, make puppets, and even paint our faces to become somebody or something else.

June 29 | The Art of Us All: Community Art

How are you connected to your community?  Explore how we can visualize through art the connections we have to others and talk about how we can benefit others in our circle of influence. Work together to the beautiful art that a community can make.


July 20 | Thanksgiving Point Celebration

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Thanksgiving Point! Visit the gardens for fun family activities centered around Thanksgiving Point Institute.



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