Volunteering at the Tulip Festival

Now's Your Chance

As a volunteer at the Tulip Festival, you can help us make a great experience for thousands of guests, while earning great rewards for yourself!

With a commitment of just 4 shifts (totaling 24 hours) you can earn:

  • 4 FREE Tulip Festival tickets

in addition to putting your hours towards normal Thanksgiving Point Volunteer rewards! If you’re interested in joining our ranks of dedicated volunteers, fill out your information below to sign up.


Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. There is an exception is volunteers for our Education booth - they can range from ages 12-100.

Depending on your shift of choice, shifts are either 4 hours, or 6 hours.

We welcome groups of volunteers! Unfortunately, volunteers maybe located in different areas and should not expect to stay together in pairs or groups.

Yes! All volunteers should plan and dress accordingly. Utah weather especially spring is unpredictable. Plan on bringing sunscreen, umbrellas, water bottles, or anything else you may need during your shift.

Your volunteer hours will still count towards you normal Thanksgiving Point volunteer hours, but you must make the minimum commitment of 24 hours (either four 6-hour shifts or six 4-hour shifts) in order to earn the Tulip Festival passes.


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