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March 2nd, 2019

Classes Only $5!



The time to get out in the garden is fast approaching. Join us as we celebrate this time of year with our popular Backyard Gardening Workshops. Classes are only $5 and are taught by USU Master Gardeners.



Class Offerings

Fruits and Vegetables

9 am: Basic Vegetables in Utah
Now is the time to design your dream vegetable garden. Learn basic skills to care for gardens of any size.

10 am: Blackberries and Raspberries
Don't be afraid to tackle your berry bushes. Plant, prune, and pick with confidence after this course!

11 am: Garden to Tables
Now is the time to design your dream vegetable garden. Learn basic skills to care for gardens of any size.

12 noon: Grapes
Whether on a fence or in a vineyard, grapes are popular and easy to grow. Learn from a Master Gardener what best to and not to do for your own grape varieties.


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Hobbies and Design

9 am: Beginning Beekeeping
Get the buzz on the basics of bees! Learn elementary skills which will get the honey flowing in your hive.

10 am: Bonsai
An ancient art of beauty and calm. Come learn the mysteries of Bonsai.

11 am: Flower Arranging
Cut flowers are beautiful. Learn some tips and tricks for arranging flowers in your own home.

12 noon: Flower Bed Design
Location, Location, Location. Find out where you should put your posies this spring!

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Trees and Shrubs

9 am: Conifers
Pruning conifers can be a daunting task, but knowledge is half the battle! Join us in a discussion about our evergreen friends.

10 am: Pruning Roses and Shrubs
Mom said mow them to the ground but grandma said leave them alone. Which one is right? Get tips and tricks to trim up your beautiful roses the right way.

11 am: Tree's for Utah's Landscape
Take a walk with experts through the Ashton Gardens in this tour to learn about trees in Utah.

12 noon: Basic Tree Pruning
Is that tree still tap-tap-tapping on your chamber window? Let’s see what we can do about that. Pruning basics are available here!

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Turf Irrigation and Design

9 am: Worm Composting
Where there is a worm, there is a way. Worm composting is a catching trend. Expand your gardening horizons with this green hobby.

10 am: Soil Savvy
The dirt is flying in this informative class on soils and additives to help your garden flourish.

11 am: Water Wise Plants
Utah is a beautiful but often dry state. Learn how to create a water wise garden to beat the heat.

12 noon: Drip Irrigation
Drip Drip Drop! Irrigation can be a complex tangle. We can help with that! Drip irrigation conversation can be found here.

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