Family Programs

Each week at Thanksgiving Point are tons of educational and fun activities for families of all ages and abilities! Our Family Programs include, Tales for Tots, Melody Makers, and Curious Critters, just to name a few. All activities are FREE for Thanksgiving Point Members, as they are included with venue admissions.

The programs are always adapting and changing throughout the year so check back often for updates. They are also led by our trained educational team to ensure each person at the activity has a great time learning and playing together as family and friends. Click each drop-down menu below to learn more about these one-of-a-kind educational opportunities at Thanksgiving Point and to see dates, locations, and times for each one. See you soon!

Join us for our hands-on storytelling adventures, Tales for Tots, held each Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 11 am. Staff will engage guest with interactive storytelling followed by process-driven and play-based art, literacy, and/or science activities that connect to the story theme of the day.


Monday - Museum of Ancient Life
Wednesday - Farm Country
Friday - January - February - Museum of Natural Curiosity
               March - May - Butterfly Biosphere
               June - September - Ashton Gardens
               October - December - Butterfly Biosphere


Upcoming Schedule:


Museum of Ancient Life 



April 22 | Nanette’s Baguette by Mo Willems

Today is the day Nanette gets to get the baguette! Is she set? YOU BET!

April 29 | The Bravest Knight by Mercer Mayer
I wish I lived a thousand years ago. There would be beautiful castles, kings and queens, good knights, fair ladies in danger, evil dragons from the mountains, and a giant troll that roars and eats anything.

May 6 | Monsters Love Color by Mike Austin
Did you know that monsters love to scribble, scribble, mix, dance and wiggle? Why? Because monsters love to make new colors!

May 13 | If you Happen to Have a Dinosaur by Linda Bailey
If you happen to have a dinosaur, lying around your living room, and you don't know what to do with it...why don't you use it as a can opener? It will make a terrific nutcracker too! There are oodles of uses for a dinosaur.

May 20 | How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers
Once there was a boy, and that boy loved stars very much. So much so that he decided to catch one of his very own.

May 27 | Pirasaurs! by Josh Funk
Meet the Pirasaurs, a ragtag team of seasoned pirate dinosaurs looking for adventure and treasure! There's fearsome Captain Rex, golden-toothed Velocimate, one-eyed Bronto Beard, and more fearsome, buccaneering beasts.


Farm Country 





April 24 | Chicken to the Rescue by Jim Himmelman
The amazing chickens on the Greenstalk farm race to help various family members and farm animals every day of the week.

May 1 | Three Little Pigs, An Architectural Tale by Steven Guarnaccia
Each house is filled with clever details, including furnishings. Of course, not all the houses are going to protect the pigs from the wolf’s huffing and puffing. Which one will?

May 8 | The Big Umbrella by Amy June Bates
By the door there is an umbrella. It is big. It is so big that when it starts to rain there is room for everyone underneath. It doesn’t matter if you are tall. Or plaid. Or hairy.

May 15 | I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont
One creative kid floods his world with color, painting first the walls, then the ceiling, then HIMSELF! Before this feisty artist is through, he'll have painted his head, back, hands, legs, feet, and -Oh no--here comes Mama!

May 22 | Round by Joyce Sidman
If you look closely, you will find that the world is bursting, swelling, budding, and ripening with round things awaiting discovery—like eggs about to hatch, or sunflowers stretching toward the sun.

May 29 | More Parts by Tedd Arnold
Give me a hand . . . hold your tongue . . . scream your lungs out . . . what's a kid to do if he wants to keep all his body parts in place? Well, one thing is for sure, he'll have to be creative.



Butterfly Biosphere




April 19 | The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle
A tiny cricket is born and meets a big cricket who chirps his welcome. The tiny cricket tries to respond, but there is no sound. The quiet cricket then makes his way into the world, meeting one insect after another.

April 26 | The Very Clumsy Click Beetle by Eric Carle
When a little click beetle falls onto his back, he seeks the help of a wise old click beetle. "Look at me," says the click beetle, giving a loud CLICK and flipping onto its feet. Will the clumsy little click beetle get the hang of it?

May 3 | Charlotte and the Rock by Stephen W. Martin
Charlotte has always wanted a pet, so when her parents present her with one for her birthday, she receives a rock. Charlotte loves her rock as if he were real. If only he could love her back...or can he?

May 10 | Me Want Pet! By Tammi Sauer
Cave Boy decides he must have a pet, but his parents object. He brings home animal after animal in hopes of overcoming his parents’ steadfast resistance, but his attempts are unsuccessful—until he finds Dodo bird.

May 17 | Whose Story is This Anyways? by Mike Flaherty
What’s this book about? That depends on who you ask. Our humble narrator thinks he’s got a great story for you, but he barely begins before he’s a...

May 24 | Explorers of The Wild by Cale Atkinson
Boy and Bear both love to explore the outdoors. There are so many neat things to see, and so many strange things to find. These explorers are prepared for anything . . . except each other!

May 31 | Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems
Leonardo is a monster. No matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to frighten anyone. Determined to succeed, Leonardo sets himself to training and research. Finally, he finds a nervous little boy.


Enjoy a morning full of music and movement exploration at the Museum of Natural Curiosity and Farm Country. Led by our education staff, Melody Makers is the perfect opportunity for little kids to dance and move in a fun and friendly environment. Included with regular venue admission.

Tuesdays at 11 am: Museum of Natural Curiosity

Thursdays at 11 am: Farm Country



Museum of Natural Curiosity




April 23 | It's Time to Dance
What kinds of dances do you know? Yee Haw let’s move! Come learn some new steps as we dance together.

April 30 | Bugs Galore
Insects make all sorts of sounds. Chirp like a cricket, buzz like a bee, as we sing, dance, and play to create a noisy bug symphony.

May 7 | Get Up and Move
Do you like to sing, dance and play? Join us today as we sing to various music selections designed to make us move.

May 14 | Animals Around the World
Come travel around the world with us as we sing about different animals and where they live.

May 21 | Nursery Rhymes
We will be featuring classic songs and old-time favorites. Simple nursery rhymes can easily be set to music because the lyrical words make a unique beat as we say them!

May 28 | Rainbow of Colors
It’s time to explore a rainbow of colors! Tells us what your favorite color is and notice how colors make the world a brighter place.




Farm Country                                         




April 25 | Movie Magic
Come create magic with us as we jam to music from some of our favorite movies.   

May 2 | Sprout and Shout
Helps us plant the seeds of music with these upbeat spring and summer garden songs! Each of us is a Flower growing in life’s garden.

May 9 | Spring has Sprung
Do you love the colors and changes in Spring? Come celebrate their beauty with us through music, dancing, and colorful props.

May 16 | Let's Come Together
Let’s talk about families, friendship and spreading kindness! Get ready to sing, dance and make new friends!

May 23 | Baby Animals
Did you know a baby sheep is called a lamb? What kind of sounds do they make? Are they different from their parents? Come sing about the spring babies at the farm!

May 30 | Jungle Jive
Sing, dance, and play the animal way as we venture into the jungle through music.


We are excited to introduce our new Itsy-Bitsy Science sensory bins, happening every Tuesday at the Butterfly Biosphere. Itsy-Bitsy Science is designed specifically for families with children ages 5 and under. This hands-on experience lets children explore insects and the natural world through their senses, making early science concepts playful and fun! Beginning March 5th, 2019!

Tuesdays at 3:00pm - Butterfly Biosphere

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