2020 TF Survey

Hello all, week need your help. We have had several brainstorming meetings to figure out how we can bring the 2020 TF to the community. To help gauge interest, please vote on your favorite ideas below. Feel free to vote for as many or few as you'd like.

Please let me be clear that no final decisions have been made and this is strictly a survey to see where the most interest lies. If you have an idea that is not listed, there is an area to submit at the bottom of the page. 

Thank you!

Show us your at-home TF, with submitted images of people's home T. beds
Submitted photos from past TF's (Plays with our 25 year anniversary)
Series of as-live videos covering a variety of topics. Similar to our media live shots. (would be pre-recorded)
Updates and T highlights from our Horticulture team.
Series of live videos with content provided from the Learning and Engagement team.
A bouquet of T's for each team member to give away to a deserving individual. We could encourage team members to post about this on social media.
Guests could pay to "sponsor a T". We would send them a picture of the T they sponsored (maybe in a digital frame) with a name card of the sponsored person next to the T. Cost could include a voucher for T bulbs they could pick up when we are open.
A walkthrough all T areas of the garden with minimal interaction. This would be pre-recorded.
A spot guests could live stream areas of the TF.
A flyover the gardens, with emphasis on T beds (would be pre-recorded)
The ability to have T's delivered to a deserving place or person. Ex: care centers, hospitals, etc.
Karen walks through the festival and tells some of her stories of past TF's
A mini live concert near a T bed. Something instrumental.
Please share it with us in the box below!

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