Museum of Natural Curiosity

Museum of Natural Curiosity

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The Museum of Natural Curiosity will bring lessons learned from the nation’s best children’s museums to Utah’s population center at Thanksgiving Point. The museum will provide 45,000 square feet of immersive, hands-on, interactive education for all ages in a new facility named the Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation Building.


Features a 45-foot giant stone sculpture and a crashed airplane in the treetops that are three stories high. In the jungle, children will explore and climb through the treetops, compare their abilities to animals, and trade goods in an international market, as they experience cultures, trade, and healthy living.


In the western landscape of Waterworks, the floor allows water to flow and splash throughout as children put on waterproof suits, build pipes, create dams, and then walk through a tornado wind tunnel to dry off.



Kidopolis is a kid-sized city featuring a bank, theatre, art studio, music shop, health clinic, and pet shop, where children and children-at-heart can pretend to be what they want to be when they grow up.


A Traveling Exhibit will feature rotating hands-on learning exhibits provided by the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

The new museum experience will incorporate the 5-acre Children's Discovery Garden and a new outdoor science playground where children can experience the five basic machines, explore natural mazes, crawl through caves, and experience a variety of natural ecosystems. Ultimately, the interactive experiences in the Museum of Natural Curiosity will empower guests to ask questions, uncover their innate sense of curiosity and creativity, and enhance state curriculum as a resource for Utah teachers.

The Museum of Natural Curiosity is a $27.6 million capital project, with $23.7 million donated and pledged so far. The funds already given and committed are sufficient to complete construction and many of the exhibits, so construction has begun, with an opening planned for Spring 2014.


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