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Can we bring our own food or hire our own caterer?

Thanksgiving Point requires all food and beverage be purchased through Thanksgiving Point catering. No outside food or beverage may be brought into any banquet facility and no leftover food may be taken from the premises.

Can I take the leftover food home with me?

Because of health regulations, Thanksgiving Point does not allow leftover food or beverages to be taken off the premises from any banquet event.

What are your catering minimums?

Thanksgiving Point has catering minimums for each type of banquet event. or breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, the minimum catering order is 20 guests when ordering off the respective menus. Room pricing is also determined by how much is spent in catering. The catering minimum is based on the cost of the food excluding taxes and service fees. Please ask you event coordinator for catering minimums specific to your room rental cost and event.

When do I need to give you my menu?

Menu selections are required two weeks in advance of your function. If the menu is not received within 7 days of the function, Thanksgiving Point reserves the right to choose the menu for the client.

When do I need to give you my final headcount?

A final guarantee of attendance is due seven days before your function date. The final guarantee cannot be decreased once given. Any increase to the final number within 72 hours of the event is subject to a 30% service fee.

How do I reserve a space for my event?

Thanksgiving Point requires a signed contract and deposit in order to reserve a function space. The deposit is non-refundable but is applied to the balance. Once the deposit and signed contract is received, the function space is reserved. If the contract and deposit are not received by the due date, Thanksgiving Point reserves the right to release the function space without notice.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Unfortunately, with any cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel more than 3 months before the event, the only penalty is the non-refundable deposit. If you cancel between 3 months and 45 days before the event, you are required to pay a cancellation fee equal to the room rental cost plus 30% of your food and beverage cost, plus any special orders. If you cancel within 45 days of your event, you are required to pay a cancellation fee equal to the room rental cost plus 100% of your food and beverage cost, plus any special orders. If you haven’t submitted your menu before your cancellation request, the food and beverage costs will be estimated based on the type of event: breakfast or reception - $9.95 per person; lunch - $16.95 per person; dinner – $28.95 per person.

Can I reschedule or change my event date?

Rescheduling an event is subject to availability and is dependent on how far in advance you ask to reschedule. Rescheduling is determined on a case-by-case basis and may incur additional costs or rental fees.

What is your alcohol policy?

With exception of the Golf Course Clubhouse, Thanksgiving Point doesn’t allow alcohol. For events in the Great Room (located at the Clubhouse), clients can arrange bar service through their event manager. Please contact your event manager for more details.

How long can I get the room for?

For corporate events or social events, rooms are rented in up to 4-hour blocks. For additional set-up time or after-hours rentals, an additional rental fee may apply.

How much time do I have to set-up for my event?

The time denoted on your contract includes the beginning time the space is available for your use. This includes any set-up or decoration time. Additional set-up time is subject to availability and additional rental fees may apply.

What is the difference between a plated and buffet menu?

Buffet-style service is when your guests make their own plates at the buffet and then return to their seats. Plated-style service is served to your guests at their tables in courses: salad, entrée, and dessert. We offer both plated and buffet-style service for lunches and dinners. For outdoor events, we only offer buffet-style service. All receptions are served buffet-style.

Can I let my guests choose between two different entrees?

Thanksgiving Point catering does not offer a choice menu for dinners or luncheons. This is where your guests can choose between two or three selections for their entrée. We do offer a multiple entrée buffet where your guests can choose one or more entrees you’ve select for your buffet. We also offer a duo entrée for plated dinners and lunches. This is where both entrees would be on the same plate for all of your guests.

What different seating arrangements/set-up styles do you offer?

We can set-up your room in a number of configurations. Our most popular styles are:

• Theatre – rows of chairs with no tables
• U-shape – long rectangle tables configured in a “U” with chairs along the outer edge.
• Classroom – rectangle tables in rows with chairs along one side
• Rounds – round tables with chairs around the entire table
• Crescents – round tables with chairs on only one side of the table
• Hollow square – rectangle tables configured in a large hollow square or rectangle shape with chairs along the outside
• Boardroom – rectangle tables configured in one large, solid table with chairs around the table.
• Custom set-up styles are available upon request. Please ask you event coordinator for suggestions on what will fit in your event space.


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