Tales For Tots at Thanksgiving Point

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Join us for our hands-on storytelling adventures, Tales for Tots, held each Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 11 am. Book readings are typically followed by a craft activity related to the story that guests can take home.


Tuesdays and Wednesdays
11 am


Locations vary by date and are listed below.


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Upcoming Tales For Tots:


Tuesday, April 1st, Museum of Ancient Life
“Mitchell's License” by Hallie Durand

Hop in for a hilarious, heartwarming ride with four-year-old Mitchell, a kid with a need for speed, a lead foot, and a very special license to drive.
Today we will make our own silly Licenses for April Fool’s!

Wednesday, April 2nd, Thanksgiving Point Gardens
“April Fool! Watch Out at School!” By Diane DeGroat

It's April Fool's Day, and Gilbert is looking forward to playing tricks on his friends. Unfortunately, he's the one getting tricked by everyone else, including his teacher, Mrs. Byrd! But the worst prankster is Lewis the bully. In the end, Gilbert outwits Lewis with the best trick of all.
April Fool’s! Come to the Garden (the big one, not the Children’s Garden… no fooling!) to make a silly trick to play on friends and family!

Tuesday, April 8th, Museum of Ancient Life
“Lizard Walinsky” by Roberta Baker

Lizard, whose real name is Elizabeth, and Spider, whose real name is Simon, are best friends. They know that they can depend on each other. But when school starts and Spider has to go to a different school, Lizard doesn't think she can go on without him.
Here is a touching story about making new friends-and why true friends will never become extinct! Come today to see a real lizard up close, courtesy of Critters 2 Go!

Wednesday, April 9th, Thanksgiving Point Gardens
“Close Your Eyes” by Kate Banks

The little tiger lay on his back in the tall grass. "Close your eyes, little tiger," said his mother, "and go to sleep." But the little tiger is worried about what sleep might bring. His mother reassures him that once he closes his eyes, he will dream of magical places. And when he awakens, she will be right there, waiting for him.
Today all you little tigers will make a mask with eyes that close (so you can sleep)!

Tuesday, April 15th, Museum of Ancient Life
“Here Comes T. Rex Cottontail” by Lois G. Grambling

Peter Cottontail (aka the Easter Bunny) is sick with a cold, and he has asked his pal, the friendly though massive dinosaur to step in for him. Although willing, T. Rex is not a natural for the role, and he doesn't get much support from his friends Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, and Iguanodon. However, they come to his rescue, and it will the best, although noisiest, Easter ever.
Decorate your own dinosaur Easter egg with crayons and stickers. Then visit the Easter Bunny-saurus and get an egg with a toy dinosaur to hide over and over again!

Wednesday, April 16th, Thanksgiving Point Gardens
“The Easter Chick” by Geraldine Elschner

Hilda the hen, fussing over her still unhatched egg, hears the chick inside announce that she wants to be an Easter chick. Though none of the barnyard critters are sure when Easter Sunday is coming, an owl promises to let her know. On the first day of spring, he hoots once. At the full moon, he hoots twice. And the following Saturday night, he hoots three times, signaling that the next morning will be Easter. The interplay between Hilda and her chick will keep children amused as they watch the moon grow full and absorb a bit of arcane information: "Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon that comes after the first day of spring."
You can make your own Easter Chick and a special visitor from the Farm may just make a special appearance.

Tuesday, April 22nd, Museum of Ancient Life
“Curious George Plants a Tree” by H. A. Rey

When George finds out that the science museum is planning a “Green Day” dedicated to recycling and planting trees, he is curious and wants to help out! But then George begins to recycle things around town that aren’t quite ready for the recycling bin, and he gets into a jam. Thankfully, George isn’t the only one who wants to help—the whole community can’t wait to lend a hand!
Earth Day is today and to celebrate, we’ll plant a seed that you can watch grow in your window!

Wednesday, April 23rd, Thanksgiving Point Gardens


Tuesday, April 29th, Museum of Ancient Life
“Ten Terrible Dinosaurs” by Paul Stickland

Join this wild bunch of stomping, romping dinosaurs as they dance and roar across the pages. One by one they leave the scene until there is only one sleepy dinosaur left.
How many blue noodles are there? Red or green? And how many special dinosaur beads on your necklace? Count on a fun time today!

Wednesday, April 30th , Thanksgiving Point Gardens



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Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU) is the presenting sponsor of Tales For Tots. With SSFCU’s generous donation, the Tales for Tots program will receive support in providing education through reading books to thousands of children. SSFCU chose to partner with Thanksgiving Point as it shares core values in giving back to the community, especially in Utah where the young population demands more learning opportunities. In addition to monetary support, SSFCU employees will be volunteering as book readers and helping with crafts at Tales For Tots. To learn more about SSFCU, visit www.ssfcu.org.

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