Tales For Tots at Thanksgiving Point

Tales For Tots

Join us for our hands-on storytelling adventures, Tales for Tots, held each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 11 am. Each day a new story is read followed by a fun activity that goes along with that story.


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays
11 am


Tuesday – Museum of Ancient Life
Wednesday – Farm Country
Thursday – Museum of Natural Curiosity


Included with regular venue admission.

Upcoming Tales For Tots:

Museum of Natural Curiosity

May 5 | “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch

Come read with us the Thursday before Mother’s day a story of a young woman who holds her newborn son and looks at him lovingly. Softly she sings to him:
"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living, My baby you'll be."

May 12 | “Always in Trouble” by: Corinne Demas

Emma tries to teach her dog, Toby, to be good, but no matter what day of the week it is, he is always in trouble!

May 19 | “Dragons Love Tacos” by: Adam Rubin

Dragons love tacos. They love chicken tacos, beef tacos, great big tacos, and teeny tiny tacos. So if you want to lure a bunch of dragons to your party, you should definitely serve tacos. Buckets and buckets of tacos. Unfortunately, where there are tacos, there is also salsa. And if a dragon accidentally eats spicy salsa . . . oh, boy. You're in red-hot trouble.

May 26 | “Can You Make a Scary Face?” by Jan Thomas

What kind of a face would you make if a tickly green bug were sitting on your nose? Or if it were—eek!—inside your shirt? Could you make a scary face to frighten it away? Come find out as we read this fun story!


Museum of Ancient Life

May 3 | “Who Wants a Dragon” by: James Mayhew

Baby Dragon can’t find anyone who will love him and cuddle with him. Among witches and kings and knights is there anyone who wants a dragon, or is everyone too scared.

May 10 | “Alice the Fairy” by: David Shannon

Alice is a temporary fairy. Come read with us at the Museum of Ancient Life as she goes through her personal trials to become a permanent fairy.

May 17 | “A Color of His Own” by: Leo Lionni

A little chameleon is in search of his unique color, but wherever he goes he always changes to what he is surrounded by. Will the little chameleon ever find a color of his own?

May 24 | “Kite Day” by: Will Hillenbrand

On a windy spring day Bear and Mole decide to fly a kite! But first they have to build one. They design, measure, and finally construct their kite. With a "zoom, zoom, zoom" the kite soars "up, up, up" in the air. But when a storm rumbles in --"SNAP"!--the kite string breaks! Will they ever be able to get their kite back? Come find out as we read about this windy day.

May 31 | “Some Bugs” by Angela DiTerlizzi

Grab your magnifying glass! Find your field guide! And come hop, hide, swim, and glide through this buggy backyard world!


Farm Country

May 4 | “Mama, Do You Love Me?” By: Barbara M. Joosse

A child tests the limits of her independence, and a mother who reassuringly proves that a parent’s love is unconditional and everlasting.

May 11 | “The Very Cranky Bear” by: Nick Bland

Zebra, Moose, Lion, and bland little sheep all want to play in a cave during a rain storm, but they upset a very cranky bear. What can they do to make cranky bear less cranky?

May 18 | “Diary of a Worm” by Doreen Cronin

Come to the Farm with us and peek into the life of a worm as we read excerpts from his daily journal of worm school, worm family, and worm life with friends.

May 25 | “Balancing Act” by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Two mice make a teeter-totter. They're balancing just fine, but then along comes a frog. Can they make room for one more friend on their teeter-totter?  Come find out in this fun Balancing Act.







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